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Top tips for increasing your activity

The start of a new year is when people invariably have their health and fitness kick. This year, things are a little harder. Normally, gyms are open, we are required to leave the house often plus dry January is always an appealing prospect after over-doing it in the Christmas season.

This year, standard rules don’t apply. This shouldn’t mean that the result is less movement and deciding to wait until everything is ‘normal’ again.

So, to keep you on track, here are a few tips to keep your levels of movement up during these times.Walking meetings

Most of you will have meetings in a week which don’t require a host of analysis and computer support. Turn these meetings into walking ones. Stick on some headphones and get strolling as you talk.

Early morning routine

Lethargy breeds lethargy. Movement breeds energy. So, if you are going to be glued to your screen, begin the day with movement. You’ll feel energised and more ready for you day. This morning routine is an absolute winner for starting the day positively:

Walkout into press up position
8 press ups
8 burpees
Walkout back up into a standing position

*Repeat for 7 reps of each. Repeat for 6 reps of each. Repeat for 5 reps of each. Repeat for 4 reps of each. Repeat for 3 reps of each. Repeat for 2 reps of each. Repeat for 1 rep of each.

Drink 1L of water before 9am

Not only will this approach hydrate you, but it will also stop you snacking or mistaking thirst for hunger. But we are talking about movement so there is no danger that you’ll be sitting on your bum all day if you have this much fluid in you. Your bladder will demand movement to the toilet and back.

Schedule steps

Split your day into 4. Pre-work, pre-lunch, post-lunch, post-work. Into each of these four segments, schedule in activity. That way, you are spreading your steps or movement regularly across a day. Miss one opportunity? It allows you three others to make up for it. If you rely solely on a 9pm walk to get your movement – rain, family or work could all scupper it.

Get creative

Whether it’s squatting whilst you brush your teeth, walking lunges from room to room, calf raises as you wait for your Zoom entry to a room, planking whilst your partner decides what you’ll be watching on TV, whatever it may be, no matter how silly, if it gets you moving, then do it.

Nobody who is working from home moves enough. Bottom line. Structured exercise is vital but so is movement between these sessions. Make movement a key part of your day. Your post-lockdown body will thank you greatly for it.