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Nutrition Advice

Healthy food plate

Calories: quality vs quantity

Analysing a client’s recent food diary, I was faced with excellent adherence to the specified calorie goal. The quality of the calories consumed left work to be done. But we’re fed with the fact that: calories in vs calories out will dictate whether you lose weight or not. So why should I have been concerned with the type of food being consumed? Why was I simply not pleased that the calorie limit wasn’t being exceeded? Let me tell you why.You can discuss hormones, insulin, thyroids all you like, the basic point is that if you consistently consume fewer calories than...

Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance: The secret behind getting fat

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I’ve written a huge number of blogs over the last six years. A minimum of one per month in fact. I do think that this is my most important one. It discusses insulin, insulin resistance, it’s impact on health and how this can be positively changed. Without testing, I suspect many clients may have issues with their insulin sensitivity. It’s impact can be enormous for long-term health.Of all the reasons that people are overweight, obese or in some cases more susceptible to various illnesses and diseases, many reasons are put forward. However, the reality is, that most come down to...

Eating carbs at night

Will avoiding carbs at night help with weight loss?

Read any magazine or listen to someone in a friendship circle and they will swear that ditching the carbs before night-fall was the one guaranteed secret to their weight loss! So will not eating carbs after 6pm work for you?[vc_empty_space height="10px"]No carbohydrates in the eveningLet’s briefly attack the science behind what happens when you ditch carbs in the evening. The main thing, is that you simply reduce calories. Think, who spends their evening in front of the TV gorging on avocados and lean meat? No, didn’t think so! Instead, when we snack in the evening it is on carbohydrate-based sugary...