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What Brexit teaches the fitness industry

By Darren O'Toole | In Fitness | on April 12, 2019

Politics and social media….it’s the perfect combination, right?!

It’s rare that I let these paths cross. Also, I am no politician and never intend to be. As such, solving Brexit should be a job for them……as competent or incompetent as they may be to do it.

I am a believer, however, of learning from mistakes. I think mistakes in different industries can be applied to ensure they don’t happen elsewhere. Success leaves clues….so do failures!

So with that in mind, here are the five things that the fitness industry can learn from Brexit:

Don’t be afraid to tell people of the worth we offer!

Too often people are afraid to say the good work we do to change people’s lives. If people don’t know some of the great things we do, why buy into our service? The EU were never great at outlining the good work they do,as such, they let the bad things become facts!

Work in conjunction with people to offer a better service

No fitness professional has it all. Find me one that is a psychologist, nutritionist, movement specialist, osteopath, physio, body transformation coach, massage therapist all rolled into one and I’ll show you a liar! As such, enhance your offering by being able to signpost to other experts so you can all work collaboratively towards the shared goal. No vested interest, the client is the one you want to make the best they can be!

Educate yourself

The more we learn, the less we know. Learning more highlights a vast plethora of areas which we need to develop a greater understanding. However, ignorance is the very worst trait anyone can adopt! Ignorance means we close our eyes and ears to things which would benefit us. Nobody knows everything – keep on learning!

Know when it’s out of our remit!

It is tempting to want to train anybody and everybody. However, a client will come to you and their needs are out of your skillset. Signpost them on, help them to find their ideal trainer, but don’t blindly offer your opinions. Sometimes, big decisions should be left to those who should know the most about them!

Not all ‘success’ stories are self-made

Some businesses in the fitness industry are hugely successful from hard work and graft. Some lifestyles or first-class travel and supercars and multiple location openings are not from income generated through a successful business, rather it’s from a wealthy family offering handouts. Remember, some people were born rich – it doesn’t mean they should offer advice about how to get there because they don’t know what ‘real-life’ truly is.

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