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Profession: Doctor

“Darren is a fantastic personal trainer. During my time training with Darren I felt he always listened to my goals and took them on board when training with me. He would develop varied sessions which worked towards overall body strength and toning, whilst focusing on the areas I was more concerned about. This also meant I never quite knew what to expect from a session and stopped me from becoming bored! He could also look at the bigger picture of my fitness and guide me in the right direction so improving my diet and cardiovascular fitness went hand in hand with toning. During sessions Darren can always keep you motivated- I think he varies between clients as to how he gets you motivated, but everyone is different and this really gives the personal touch. This motivation also affected other aspects of my health and my diet also improved over the time training with Darren. He also suggested small changes bit by bit, which for me increased my chance of actually making a sustainable change. I have now finished my time training with Darren and I am really happy with the results. I have continued to make the changes to my diet and still try to squeeze in at least three sessions a week and feel much more confident about doing my own workout at home.  I couldn’t recommend Darren enough and please don’t hesitate to contact if you have any questions. ”


Profession: Director

Antoine Dynamic Fitness Training client

“Darren did a fantastic job with my 6-month preparation for the 2016 London Marathon: he created a bespoke training plan that included runs and 1-to-1 sessions, and was always available to discuss any question I had.
The result was no injuries during the training or the race, a noticeable improvement in running technique and confidence, and a sub 3:30 time. Thank you Darren!”


Profession: Psychotherapist

Sue testimonial - Dynamic Fitness Training

“I have been working with Darren for a year now. He makes working out fun as well as combining challenging yet achievable progress to increase my fitness and strength. Darren is encouraging and warm and consistent. His easy going friendly personality creates a relaxed and comfortable environment to get fit. I am really pleased with the results and wouldn’t have believed that I would find myself turning up every week and actually enjoy training.”


Profession: Lawyer

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*”I chose to train with Darren O’Toole after putting on a lot of weight over a 4-5 year period. I had lost a lot of my self-confidence and decided it was time to take control of my weight and lifestyle again. I have since lost 3 stone which I would never have been able to achieve without seeing Darren for training. I have benefited in so many ways; I have more confidence, energy, am happier, more active and feel so much healthier. The great thing about Personal Training compared with simply going to the gym is that having regular PT sessions keeps you motivated and going in the right direction, and more is achieved during PT session than doing it alone in gym (I would probably be in the café rather than on treadmill if I was on my own without trainer to kick me into shape!). If you want to lose weight and get fit, I would definitely recommend seeing Darren.”


Profession: Graphic Designer

Client testimonial - Dynamic Fitness Training
“Working with Darren at Dynamic Fitness Training has helped me to lose fat, build muscle and now I’ve got greatly improved posture as a result. When I wasn’t training with Darren, he wrote me a detailed training programme to follow which got progressively harder each week. I also needed nutritional advice which he gave in easy-to-follow steps which meant I didn’t need to take supplements, but just had to listen and act upon his guidance. The sessions are always tough but you start seeing results after just a couple of workouts.”


Profession: Production Coordinator

*”I initially started training with Darren to learn skills and techniques so that I could confidently tackle my fitness challenges and lose weight. Since then I’ve lost 12kg, dropped 4 inches off my waist, dropped from a large to medium t-shirt size, completed a 5k race and am regularly cycling to work. When I started I couldn’t have imagined the benefits would be so far reaching, over the last six months I’ve noticed a marked increase my energy levels, my drive to continually improve and challenge myself and I’ve never been healthier or happier in my life.

Sessions with Darren are varied, challenging, and as you can see from my results – successful! I’d not hesitate in recommending training with Darren if you want to get results and enjoy yourself getting there.”


“Up until summer 2017, I’d done no regular exercise for about 15 years, so it was a huge & daunting step for me to find a PT who wasn’t going to scare me off, make me cry or vomit! Then more importantly, someone who was going to make me stick with it! I reviewed a fair few PTs local to Muswell Hill & Darren was a no-brainer choice.

So, here we are, over 12 months on &, come rain, snow or shine, I’ve managed to do 2 sessions per week, most weeks. I feel fitter, healthier, more toned AND, I may just be a convert to the exercise! Darren really knows his stuff, he’s intuitive in the sessions he puts together, pushes me & on occasion, almost rivals my sense of humour!

Thank you, sincerely, Darren – you’ve achieved the impossible … exercise isn’t so bad!”


“I must say Darren is one of the best Personal Trainers I’ve worked with. I had an extremely busy & stressful work schedule when I started with Darren but we managed to work through it & customise a plan that works for me. This I think is one of the best attributes of him. He is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable & knows exactly how to personalise a routine based on the individual. He is extremely driven so no excuses you will be working hard. His insightful tips on nutrition & meal plans was also very helpful to become more healthier at the same time.

Thank you Darren I feel much confidant, in shape & healthier now.”


“Darren is a fun, friendly and approachable trainer but don’t be fooled he makes me work hard to get results. I was so pleased in 2015 that after only 10 weeks, I have lost nearly 2 stone , become fitter and stronger. Personal exercise plans are easy to follow and following Dynamic Fitness Training on twitter helps to stay in touch for tips and motivation tricks.

Darren has helped build my confidence and made exercise fun again – I look forward to training each week and loosing that 3rd stone!”


Darren is a fantastic PT. At the first session, my mate and I were hopelessly unfit but after a few sessions with Darren we saw a huge amount of progress. We rebooked several sessions with him as we found them so enjoyable.

Would highly recommend Dynamic Fitness Training for anyone after a great value for money, highly tailored PT service.


“Darren is great. Began with a mate from a standing start (I was particularly useless) and Darren helped us make a lot of progress. We extended our original block booking multiple times.

Bespoke, flexible, and worth every penny.”


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