At Dynamic Fitness Training we are here to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our personal trainers are available across north London including Muswell Hill, Highgate, Crouch End, East Finchley and Hampstead.

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What our clients say


Sue Dynamic Fitness Training client



Looking for structure and consistency into her workout routine.

“I have been working with Darren for a year now. He makes working out fun as well as combining challenging yet achievable progress to increase my fitness and strength.

Darren is encouraging and warm and consistent. His easy going friendly personality creates a relaxed and comfortable environment to get fit. I am really pleased with the results and wouldn’t have believed that I would find myself turning up every week and actually enjoy training.”

Tim Dynamic Fitness Training client


Executive Director

Irregular training, busy job, two children. Looking to lose weight and gain fitness

“I’ve been training with Darren at Dynamic Fitness for many years now. He’s super experienced, provides a tailored approach and is an excellent motivator. Highly recommended.”

Kirsty Dynamic Fitness Training client



Busy Lawyer looking to lose 15kgs.

“I chose to train with Darren O’Toole after putting on a lot of weight over a 4-5 year period. I had lost a lot of my self-confidence and decided it was time to take control of my weight and lifestyle again. I have since lost 3 stone which I would never have been able to achieve without seeing Darren for training. I have benefited in so many ways; I have more confidence, energy, am happier, more active and feel so much healthier.”


Chief Technology Officer

Slim and always struggled to gain muscle.

“Been training with Dynamic Fitness Training for over 2 years now and I’ve only great things to say. Even in recent circumstances, the adjustment to remote sessions has been great.

Sessions are well personalised, and I often come out hating Darren for the next 30 minutes (and the next day), which is probably a good sign!”

Bob Dynamic Fitness Training client



Training with his partner together at their home.

“Darren has kept me motivated and focused on my health goals since I started using him as a personal trainer… his dynamic but approachable style probably make him one of the best personal trainers in North London.”

Kate Dynamic Fitness Training client


HR Manager

Loathed exercise so avoided it for 15 years.

“Up until summer 2017, I’d done no regular exercise for about 15 years, so it was a huge & daunting step for me to find a PT who wasn’t going to scare me off, make me cry or vomit! Then more importantly, someone who was going to make me stick with it!

I’ve managed to do 2 sessions per week ever since come rain, snow or shine. I feel fitter, healthier, more toned AND, I may just be a convert to the exercise! Darren really knows his stuff, he’s intuitive in the sessions he puts together, pushes me & on occasion, almost rivals my sense of humour!

Thank you, sincerely, Darren – you’ve achieved the impossible … exercise isn’t so bad!”

ANTOINE Dynamic Fitness Training client



Trying to fit training for his first marathon alongside a very busy job.

“Darren did a fantastic job with my 6-month preparation for the 2016 London Marathon: he created a bespoke training plan that included runs and 1-to-1 sessions, and was always available to discuss any question I had.

The result was no injuries during the training or the race, a noticeable improvement in running technique and confidence, and a sub 3:30 time. Thank you Darren!”

Amara Dynamic Fitness Training client



Seeking weight loss.

“I started training with Darren a couple of years ago after a not fantastic experience elsewhere locally. I’ve hit all my goals so far. I’ve lost enough weight that I now have needed to buy a whole new wardrobe. Plus, as a bonus, I now run much faster too.

I’ve been so impressed that I recommended my best friend and my husband who each now train with Dynamic Fitness Training too. And they’re experiencing great results already too!”


Project Manager

Weight loss ahead of attending a wedding back home.

“I must say Darren is one of the best Personal Trainers I’ve worked with. I had an extremely busy and stressful work schedule when I started with Darren but we managed to work through it and customise a plan that works for me. This I think is one of the best attributes of him. He is friendly, approachable, knowledgeable & knows exactly how to personalise a routine based on the individual. He is extremely driven so no excuses you will be working hard. His insightful tips on nutrition and meal plans was also very helpful to become more healthier at the same time.

Thank you Darren I feel much confidant, in shape and healthier now.”

Elisavet Dynamic Fitness Training client

Elisavet Vlahaki

Graphics designer

Overworked mum needing online exercise support.

“I have been so inactive during lockdown and suffered with a bit depression. I couldn’t get up in the morning, and had terrible joint pain – I felt 90 years old. This had to change and working with Aleks at Dynamic Fitness Training, it definitely did!

We worked together online and in 6 weeks I saw a massive difference in my body. It doesn’t hurt when getting out of bed, I have lost weight and my motivation for fitness and life has returned.

The 6 weeks weren’t easy but Aleks was very supportive, motivational and pushed me to keep going. I wasn’t sure initially about online training – but I am proof that it works!”

Kate and Matt Dynamic Fitness Training clients

Kate and Matt

Consultant and Science Data Architect

Getting in shape for their wedding.

‘We first came to Dynamic Fitness Training after we’d returned from travelling and we were both majorly out of shape. We then got back into work and it got worse! Darren gradually built our fitness levels up and then helped us both to get in great shape in time for our wedding. So many people commented on my arms on the wedding day which was an additional bonus too!’



Busy mum of one trying to lose her ‘baby weight’.

“Darren is a fantastic personal trainer. During my time training with Darren I felt he always listened to my goals and took them on board when training with me. He would develop varied sessions which worked towards overall body strength and toning, whilst focusing on the areas I was more concerned about. This also meant I never quite knew what to expect from a session and stopped me from becoming bored!

During sessions Darren can always keep you motivated- I think he varies between clients as to how he gets you motivated, but everyone is different and this really gives the personal touch. He also suggested small changes bit by bit, which for me increased my chance of actually making a sustainable change.
I couldn’t recommend Darren enough.”

Sarah Dynamic Fitness Training client



Seeking weight loss and a better relationship with food and exercise.

“I have been training with Darren for the past two years and can’t recommend him enough. The workouts are always challenging without ever being demoralising.

He’s incredibly supportive and working with him has made a hugely positive difference in terms of my shape, fitness and overall health – both physically and mentally.”

Darren Dynamic Fitness Training client


Graphic Designer

Freelancer lacking motivation – wanting to run first ever half marathon.

“Working with Darren at Dynamic Fitness Training has helped me to lose fat, build muscle and now I’ve got greatly improved posture as a result. When I wasn’t training with Darren, he wrote me a detailed training programme to follow which got progressively harder each week.

I also needed nutritional advice which he gave in easy-to-follow steps which meant I didn’t need to take supplements, but just had to listen and act upon his guidance. The sessions are always tough but you start seeing results after just a couple of workouts.”