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Personal training

Two’s company and when it comes to fitness, this is certainly true. Training alone requires organisation, time and a huge amount of motivation. That’s where personal training with Dynamic Fitness Training comes in. Simply book your session and let us take care of the rest.

Our one-to one personal training sessions will focus on your individual health and fitness goals and getting you the results that you want. Common goals include; weight and fat loss, muscle gain, improved 10k and half marathon performances, and strength increases to name a few. Our support goes beyond just a one-hour session. We provide nutritional guidance, home workouts between sessions and a stream of constant support until you’ve reached and exceeded your goals.

Sessions take place in a dedicated personal trainer studio in north London with options for Highgate or Muswell Hill. We also visit our clients’ homes and provide outdoor sessions with Highgate Woods, Hampstead Heath, Finsbury Park and Alexandra Park proving our most popular venues.

We will support you to make long-term changes to improve your performance, health and well-being. Choosing to train with Dynamic Fitness Training is a popular choice amongst people seeking to step away from the big gyms and enjoy a one-to-one session in a welcoming, non-threatening environment. Why wait to use equipment or risk being distracted by others when instead you can benefit from the complete attention from an experienced and highly regarded personal trainer.

About our clients

Our clients are wide and varied. Each with individual goals and as such, very personalised sessions. There is no ‘typical’ client. At Dynamic Fitness Training, we’ve trained teenagers to pensioners and all of the working ages in between. Mums, dads, couples and their children too. The only common theme is that our clients end up with results they crave.

Free trial

Making the first step is undoubtedly the hardest. We anticipate apprehension about what to expect and whether you’ll get on with your personal trainer. So we endeavour to make this first step that bit easier. We begin with a free trial, in which we will discuss what you wish to achieve and how we can work together to make it happen. Following this, a highly qualified personal trainer will assess your fitness and movement capabilities, so we know where you are starting from and can track the progress you make.

Once you begin training with Dynamic Fitness Training, you will become fitter, healthier and happier. You’ll develop a friend along the way and what’s more, you’ll also develop this weird feeling where you begin to enjoy exercising. Something to look forward to!

Get started today! Fill in the form to book in for your free trial or see more of our personal training services at Dynamic Fitness Training.

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