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How to find your perfect personal trainer

By Darren O'Toole | In Fitness, Gym, Health | on September 18, 2017

Working in the fitness industry – both as a personal trainer and a tutor for new personal trainers – I have seen the development of this profession over the last decade. You may only now be seeking information on what a fitness professional can do for you and may have been struck by how everyone seems to be saying the same thing but in different ways; or conversely, how different trainers seems to advocate different services.

In essence, it can all seem a bit confusing. Here are some of my thoughts that I shared with the readers of the Muswell Hill Mums website this month.

Everyone is a specialist

The most startling thing that I have noticed is that trainers who have literally just qualified – I know this because I have taught them – market themselves from the outset as a specialist: Weight loss specialist, body transformation specialist etc. It’s marketing spiel. This word is irrelevant. The only way to quantify this is to see a body of evidence. Show me honest, legitimate testimonials, perhaps show me some before and after pictures (although most of my clients would rather die than have their before pictures displayed anywhere!!). Most won’t have either, why? Because they have either just printed off their shiny new certificates or they don’t haven’t the capacity to implement a true change.

It’s nice to be liked

There is a train of thought that the fitness industry should be full of drill sergeants that have no interest in befriending clients. Becoming a friend comes at the cost of results. At Dynamic Fitness Training, we wholeheartedly disagree. This doesn’t mean that we’ll sacrifice a session for a cappuccino and a good old natter. However, our view is that many of our clients come to us because they have barriers to being fit. This could stem from confidence, a lack of time or a lack of guidance. It could be due to bad experiences in school or a demoralising cycle of weight loss, weight gain during adulthood. Whatever the deeper reason, our ethos is that sustainable changes arise from first developing an enjoyment for the process. In other words, we aim to get you into a position where you genuinely enjoy training. It’s pretty hard to do this if you don’t like the company of your trainer.

Your one hour session lasts 168 hours

Through chatting with a trainer recently, I realised how, without really thinking, that we go above and beyond for our clients. The difference being, we don’t see it as that. In fact, we make sure our clients don’t either. When you train with us, you have our undivided attention for your one hour session. Some clients attend one session per week, others two and some come along for three. During this time, our focus is on you. However, if a trainer finishes there and then, well, are you getting the support, accountability and guidance that you deserve? I’d question that. We send workout plans to be completed outside of our sessions, we track our clients’ nutritional approaches and also provide specific holiday training plans to fit directly into our client’s holiday plans, both in terms of time, equipment, availability ie, we make personal training exactly that, personal.

Personal training is a big step – but when you invest in a trainer, make sure that you don’t fall for a cliché, a caricature or worst still, a charlatan. Our industry has some truly excellent examples of successful, aspirational, committed trainers who rightly wish to make a sustainable positive influence on your life. Seek them, choose them, trust them and commit. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and starting our journey together.

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