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Getting back to exercise after summer holiday

By Darren O'Toole | In Fitness, Gym, Health, Outdoor | on August 8, 2017

Following a little rest, relaxation, perhaps some over-indulgence and, predictably, limited exercise, the focus will soon be returning to getting back into shape for the next continental hiatus. To assist in this process, here a few top tips in getting your fitness mojo back:

Start slow – but not too slow

You’ve had a holiday, not an operation. Your body will have used the extra sleep, the vitamin D, the extensive calories to build, repair and recharge. It may mean that you feel a little sluggish, but it won’t mean you’ve lost all of your fitness. In fact, for this who have been working super hard pre-hols, it may even result in returning with improved fitness.  Take it reasonably easy on your first session back, but try to ramp up the intensity by session 2.

Re-set goals

Following a period of inactivity, invariably the goals that was being sought has just passed – be it successfully or not – and now you are faced with training for the sake of training. This won’t get you out of bed as the winter approaches. Instead, set some new goals. This could be fitness-related, body-compositional or just lifestyle changes which you’d like to implement (that’s you smokers…). Write them down, tell people, and action them.

Building blocks

Whatever your goals, if reaching them are to be an achievement, then they should be attainable but far from easy. With this in mind, it may mean that they could take six months or longer. To ensure you remain focused and driven, setting blocks of training towards smaller goals will be just what you need to keep focused and maintain a sense of achievement as you tick off success after success.

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