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Why you should be taking vitamin D

Why you should be taking vitamin D

One of the frustrations of this Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, is the lack of emphasis being placed on how to boost immune systems – for the short- and long-term.

Perhaps it would cost pharmaceutical companies a little too much money if everyone had a strong and healthy immune system. Nonetheless, the financial burden that Governments are facing is stark. A country with less reliance on the NHS due to better diets, exercise and supplementation would be advantageous for all. One of the key supplementations that we will all need is Vitamin D.

Is vitamin D important?

Your body produces vitamin D naturally when it’s directly exposed to sunlight. Over the next few months our bodies won’t have access to this through these means, so food and supplementation are vital.

A recent study in Spain found that 82% of those in hospital with Covid-19 had vitamin D deficiency compared with a control sample of 47% of those without Covid-19. It also found that men had lower levels of the vitamin than women and that Covid patients with lower vitamin D levels also had raised serum levels of inflammatory markers.

Vitamin D deficiencies are widespread globally and particularly in; BAME, African Americans, elderly, carehomers and the obese. All groups widely acknowledged as at high-risk of COVID-19. Regions with proactive Vitamin-D-policies, education, nutritional supplementation, and/or greater UVB exposure, have much lower COVID-19 infection and mortality such as Finland, Norway, New Zealand.

Immune strength

Building a stronger immune system should come from giving your body the best shot of fighting illnesess and diseases. You should eat healthily – ensuring you get a mix of suitable fruit and vegetables. You should exercise regularly building an efficient circulatory system. You must stress less so that your immune response doesn’t kick in frivolously and only when it is really needed. You need to sleep for long enough to recharge your body’s defence systems.

Yet doing all of these things may still leave you a little short of what is proving a vital vitamin in any immune response. It’s a no-brainer and if you haven’t got a Vitamin D supplement as part of your morning routine – it could well be the best purchase you make this lockdown!