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The importance of making workouts fun during the Coronavirus pandemic

The importance of making workouts fun during the Coronavirus pandemic

During this lockdown period, life may be in danger of getting a little monotonous. The same living and working environment and limited time for free movement. The excitement of watching a boxset may be subsiding a touch and the initial novelty factor of a disrupted life has passed.

Maybe I’ve painted too drab a picture to start with. Possibly not. However, all personal trainers are regaling the need for exercise and to complete workouts during this phase. Rightly so. It’ll have a positive impact on your physical and mental health. It can add structure to your day and ensure that your metabolism is firing, and your productivity rises.

The importance therefore of not adding ‘working out’ into the rising pile of monotony is vital. That’s where three important delivery aspects kick in:

Online personal training

By having face-to-face personal training being hosted on a digital platform, it can be guaranteed that you’ll be pushed harder than you would by performing exercise alone. You don’t need to summon up the motivation. You don’t need to develop any imaginative workout. Instead, you reserve your brain power for more arduous tasks and you follow what you’re being told.

Workout videos

Less bespoke but with the ability to distract you from needing to devise your own plans, workout videos allow you to follow what is being directly instructed. What they lose in interaction and direct accountability, they gain in being able to switch off and simply follow. A valuable tool.

Contact me directly to get access to our free home workout videos. Email [email protected].

Workout plans

Here is the importance of making a plan fun. Make it interesting, not mundane. Keep yourself from knowing what is coming up until you’re in the workout. I’m attempting to develop a host of challenges and interesting workouts to keep the ‘fun’ aspect in your plans. Also allowing different aspects to keep the intrigue up for future workouts too.

All Dynamic Fitness Training clients have access to all of these options during this time. My aim, is to ensure that once this period is complete, two things have occurred;

Number 1: you have developed an ability to maintain and possibly even advance your fitness within a home setting and

Number 2: you no longer think that exercising at home ‘can’t be done’ or ‘isn’t fun’.