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Importance of home workouts Dynamic Fitness Training

The importance of home workouts

The vast majority of clients that we train at Dynamic Fitness Training come to us for guidance and to commit to a level of training that they never managed at the mainstream gyms.

The model for the mainstream gyms is changing. It’s an industry which relies on the failure of the members. It’s a bit like an airline – if 100% of passengers always attended every flight, they would make significantly less profit as they rely on over-selling in the anticipation of non-attendees. The gym model is the same. If all members were to arrive – particularly over peak times – the gym would be too crowded and would be a health and safety disaster.

So, if a business model relies on your failure, it could be worth deciding if it’s the right route for you. And that is the decision that more and more people are making. They are ditching their under used memberships and choosing pay-to-attend classes or sacrificing less money by committing short-term to the gym chains which are of reduced value.

The underlying issue across all of these is commitment. Unless you have unwavering commitment, it can be all too easy to abort attending the gym or simply not booking onto another class – who will be there to stop you?

That’s where the personal training industry steps in. If you have a dentist appointment, will you go? Yes! Doctor’s? Yes! Personal trainer? Yes too! It’s the appointment that will mean you have committed to it already. Then you have the added bonus of individual guidance to help you to actually achieving your goals.

Training outside of the personal training sessions

Once you have committed to hiring a personal trainer, it would be remiss not to give it your all to achieving your goals. This will then often involve adopting healthier lifestyle habits, nutritional habits and also committing to exercising more outside of sessions.

We’ve recently released workout videos which are exclusively available to our clients. However, the issue arises that these workout videos are not a one-to-one appointment. Instead, they are similar to the session in the gym. They require your outside commitment to undertake them.

The best way to then attack home workouts is as such: Book them into your diary/calendar like you would any other appointment – don’t move them around to fit your schedule.

By doing this, you will reach a point whereby you will place the same importance on completing the said home workout as you would for an appointment with your PT/Doctor/Dentist. Over time, this behaviour then simply becomes a habit and you are then the person who works out multiple times per week. The result being that you achieve far greater success than you imagined possible.

Its all about commitment, structure and prioritising.