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Mind before matter

Few of my blog posts concern the topics of nutrition and training. Why?

Simply put, it’s the concept of mindset which is what most people need to address first. Workouts and training can then be followed, and guidance can be applied to eating and drinking habits. However, without adopting the right mindset – results will always be a wish as opposed to a reality.

I’ve previously talked about accountability being vital to getting results – and it is. But to become accountable, you’ve already made a major leap forward. You’ve accepted that you are sticking your head above the parapet. However, all of that is worthless if you haven’t started with the right mindset.

What is a ‘right’ mindset?

It means managing your own expectations from the start. In Ryan Holiday’s excellent book ‘The obstacle is the way’, he makes the following point:

“We are A to Z thinkers. We worry about A and obsess about Z, but forget everything happening from B to Y.”

Adopting the correct mindset means that we have already contemplated B to Y. We know it is a journey. Not just the cliché use of ‘journey’. Rather, we are undertaking a period of ups and downs. Weight loss, gain and stagnation. Negative moods and positive ones. Recognition from some and jealousy from others. Disappointment but not defeat. Successes but not victory.

Obstacles are learning opportunities

You will face obstacles and need to accept them as an opportunity to learn and be better from the experience.

The problem with all of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures which litter social media and marketing platforms are that they only show the end point – not the process. By accepting the process will be difficult (after all, if all major lifestyle changes were easy, we’d all be fit and healthy, right?), but that the end result will be worth it and to embrace everything that happened in between, you’ll not only get a result you want, but you’ll also get a sustainable change.