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Personal training in North London

Dynamic Fitness Training is a personal training company based in Muswell Hill and across north London. Specialising in weight loss, muscle gain, marathon and endurance training, sports conditioning and injury prevention, our one-to-one personal trainer service is your one stop shop to a healthier, happier, fitter and slimmer you. Click to see more about what we offer.

About Dynamic Fitness Training

Adept at delivering results-orientated personal training sessions in a variety of environments, our service can be brought right to your doorstep or can take place in dedicated personal training studios in Muswell Hill and Highgate on the edge of Hampstead Heath. We also deliver enjoyable and effective sessions in local parks throughout north London.

When you choose to train with us, you can expect to receive a bespoke service which will help you to get fitter than ever before. Following a free consultation, we will devise a training plan that will be expertly structured, fun and most importantly, effective. Choose us and revel in guaranteed results!

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Meet the trainers

Find out more about our team of personal trainers here at Dynamic Fitness Training.

Personal trainers at Dynamic Fitness Training

Where we train

Our indoor sessions take place in the Fit Shape studios located in Muswell Hill and Highgate on the edge of Hampstead Heath . Take a look at the fantastic personal training studio in Muswell Hill below. The studios are well stocked with everything you could conceivably need for any fitness goal. What’s more, its array of fitness equipment means that every session is different – keeping you and your body guessing all of the time. This approach is sure to keep you motivated and your body will constantly adapt to different stimuli. Once more, this is the ideal environment to achieve all of your fitness goals.

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